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Getting the News, and Then Getting a Grip

ThefollowingwasoriginallypublishedtoFacebookonOctober 31, 2016. It already feel like a lifetime ago that we heard the words "Down syndrome" at 2 AM on June 21. I have gone through just about every single emotion since that day. And the things I felt then are basically nothing of what I feel now. June 21
Anger. I was angry that this happened. I was 27 and Tim was 25 when we got pregnant. How could two young, healthy people make a baby with Down syndrome?! We had the testing. Where they separate the fetus's and mother's DNA and look at the chromosomes. There was a 99.6% chance our son DID NOT have Down syndrome. I was completely filled with anger. To be flippant, YOU HAD ONE JOB lab company. One job. Fear. They told us basically everything that could possibly go wrong with our child. He had three holes in his heart. They told us his thyroid wasnt functioning right, and that he failed his hearing test. I started to block it all out after awhile but they mentioned likely…