The Day I Called Dibs on a Person

I lived in a condo with two other girls my graduate year of college. 

As luck would have it, there were three guys from Quinnipiac in the unit next to us.
We never really saw these mysterious neighbors of ours. I didn't care about it too much, though. I had it in my mind that I was moving to Colorado in a few months. I had put up a proverbial wall, and I was not looking for a relationship of any kind. I was counting down the days until I was out of Connecticut. I hated Connecticut. I hated love. I wanted out.

Until one September night.

My roommates and a couple friends decided to go out to a bar. We had a few drinks in our basement. It was college, afterall. Someone suggested inviting the guys from next door, so we decided to do it. Two of them ended up coming over, and told us that the other roommate was asleep. My roommate and I decided it would be a wonderful idea to wake him up. Ah, alcohol.

Off we went to his bedroom, banging on the door, screaming his name. "TIM! COME OUT!"  We drunkenly yelled stupid things at him, and retreated to our basement when he didn't come out.

Back in the basement, someone was explaining a new game we were going to play. I heard someone coming down the stairs, and when I looked up to see who it was, there he was.

He was wearing a white t shirt and navy blue basketball shorts. He looked perfect.

I promise you, this is no lie -- I had instantaneous butterflies when I saw him. I couldn't look him in the eye when he stood at the table across from me. I was instantly and completely enamored. We hung out there for a few more minutes before deciding it was time to go to the bar. The guys went back to their place to get ready, and the girls and I headed upstairs to the car.

"DIBS! DIBS ON TIM!" I yelled.
"Which one's Tim?" One of them asked.
"He has brown hair, kinda tall.....just please, guys. I call dibs." I answered.
I was not necessarily the prettiest in the bunch, or the smoothest. I thought that if one of the others swooped in, I was done for. Dibs seemed like the only natural solution to my problem.

We spent the night at the bar, off by ourselves talking. We drank two Coronas and I paid because Tim wasn't even twenty-one yet. We didn't drink much. We talked football and what we like to do for fun. I blabbed about hockey and grad school and he listened. I spent many nights in that college bar with lots of different people, and this night was by far my favorite.

Several weeks later it was time for me to let my advisor know if I was not going to be going to Colorado. Tim asked me not to go, and told me "When you know, you know. And I just know." And with that, I emailed my advisor and told her I would be staying in Connecticut.

Almost seven years and two kids later, I'm a Connecticut resident and am so incredibly happy that I decided to call "dibs" on a person.

And, as luck would have it, we set our wedding date for September 29th, 2012. We had it down to a few weekends, but chose that one. About a month after setting the date, when looking at a calendar, we realized that was the night we met -- September 29, 2010. We were married two years to the day that we met in a basememt and drank Coronas in the kind of bar where your shoes stick to the floor. 

I also found out some time later that those three guys almost chose a different layout for their condo, which means that I would have never crossed paths with them. I would have never met my soul mate, the person who saved me and has helped make me the best version of myself I could be. The person who makes me laugh every single day, who has given me two beautiful kids and who never fails to make me feel like I'm enough.


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