Overhearing the "R Word"

My day started innocently enough. I woke up with the kids, fed and entertained them. Had a few extra minutes so I decided to take care of an errand.

I stopped in to our local animal hospital, VCA Shoreline in Shelton, to pay a bill. One of the techs at the front desk used the word "retarded". Her coworker told her she shouldn't use the word, and she said "No, I dont think disabled people are retarded. I'm ACTUALLY retarded."

What does that even mean? That doesn't make any sense, and it's not the least bit funny.

Retarded is not an acceptable synonym for ANY word.

You use it instead of stupid, dumb, lame, pointless.

Is that what my child is?

No, he is absolutely NOT.

I'm shaking I'm so mad. I'm mad at myself for not explaining to her how hurtful that word is to me, my family, and millions of others around the world. But I dont think I could have done it without yelling or crying....neither of which would have been very helpful.

I didnt catch her name on her uniform but I wish I did. I wish I could find her and send her and her boss a nice little letter.

You have no idea what your words do to people. How one word can ruin someone's day.

Find a different word. A better word. Because you never know who is listening.


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