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To Henry, On Your First Birthday

Dear Henry,
     I have this tradition of writing letters to Eli on his birthdays to tell him how much he amazes me each year, and how happy I am to get to be his mom.
Now, it is your turn.
You are one! This has been the fastest, wildest, hardest and most wonderful year of my life.

To see what you have gone through in your first trip around the sun while still managing to be happy and easy going is humbling. Your strength and bravery is inspiring. You smile during blood draws,  you wake up from surgery with a smile on your face. I never knew an infant could be my hero until I met you.
One of your many echocardiograms this year.
After your adenoidectomy and ear tubes. You did so well!
You make me a better person every day. I am more patient, kind, grateful and happy because you joined our family.
You have also helped your brother to become an even more caring person. I remember the night we brought you home, trying to read a book about brothers to Eli. I couldn't get through it;…