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What is Success, Anyway?

Recently, we spent some time with another family with two children, one of whom has Down syndrome and is the same age as Henry. I don't often feel comfortable enough to share my fears about our future, but I did with them. I told them that I am really scared. I see many other families with kids with Down syndrome sharing their day to day lives truthfully. They share that vacations are hard. They share that school is hard. There are countless meetings. They share that hospital bills are bankrupting them.
They share that they are tired, and that the challenges their children with Down syndrome present make life harder. Are they entitled to share their opinion truthfully for all to see?
Without a doubt. 100%. Does their reality scare and worry me about my future and the future of my family?
Without a doubt. 100%. I worried aloud about my son's future successes -- or possible lack thereof. I worried aloud what this meant for our family and for our other son. I shared all o…