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21 Reasons Why Life Is Better With You, Henry

21. When I look over your crib to reach in and get you in the morning, you immediately smile and start our day filled with happiness.
20. You always score free cookies from the bakery at the grocery store with your smile, and you always share a bite with me.
19. You have turned your big brother into a caring cheerleader who at least once a day calls me in to the room to see awesome new trick you are doing. The other day, he celebrated you turning the page in a book all by yourself. He is a remarkable three year old and I know you have influenced him already.

18. You have taught me to be tough and fight for what really matters in life.
17. Your Down syndrome diagnosis has brought us into a loving circle of families and given us some of our greatest friends.
16. You still love being rocked and held and it's been so wonderful to have the snuggles.
15. You showed me that I have the strength to sing you to sleep on an operating table, and showed me that you have the strength to hand…