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Our Sleep Study Experience

Sleep studies are very common in children with Down syndrome, and are recommended for every child with Ds before age two. It is estimated that as many as 60% of children with Down syndrome will have an abnormal sleep study by the age of 4, according to the NDSS. Commonly, obstructive sleep apnea occurs in our children due to enlarged tonsils and enlarged adenoids. Because sleep studies are so common, I figured I would share my experience with ours. While it is just one experience, I am hoping it will help explain what to expect.     Our sleep study was at Yale Children's Hospital in their Pediatric Sleep Study Center. We arrived for 7pm, and met our nurse Ana at the door. She showed us our room, which was one of two or three in the wing. It was a private room, right off of the nurses station. Inside the room were two beds. There was a television and a camera on the wall opposite the bed. There were two bathrooms and a fridge for patient food where I put Henry's milk and …