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On Henry's First "First Day"

I am about to send my two year old to pre-school. Just like so many other parents who want to give their toddlers a little head start. But our experience has been a little different from most.

When I tried to sign my child up for the two year old program where his brother went to school, they told me no. Instead, they handed me a brochure for a special needs playgroup.

They didn't know my son. They didn't know his name. They just knew he had Down syndrome, and decided he wasn't a good fit for their school. I was given a few excuses. Things like "We don't have the resources" and "We don't have a special education teacher here."

As a parent of a child with Down syndrome, you know there will be battles. There will be times when the world decides your child is not worthy of what others are. They will take one look at your child and without knowing a thing about them, they will decide that your child does not belong.

I can't tell you how heartbre…